Computers and More Mod – Version 1.6.1 Released

Version 1.6.1 of CAMM has been released! This update is a smaller update that expands on the previous updates that added animated items. Animated TVs The vanilla TVs in game now have animated variants. Because animated sprites don’t work with the broadcast effect of the TVs, the new animated versions are separate objects and don’t… Read More »

Computers and More Mod – Version 1.6 Released

Version 1.6 of the Computers and More Mod has been released. See below for the major changes. A full detailed change log is available on our Steam Workshop page here. Animated Sprites All the computers now feature animated sprites. The screens of the computers will now turn on when a prisoner uses any computer or… Read More »

State of the Desk – Q4 2016 and some news

Hello all, It’s been a while since I’ve posted here so I though I would give some updates on the state of Project PowerHack and its surrounding desk. Many changes have occurred since the initial construction of Porject PowerHack and many more are to come! During the construction of Project PowerHack, an acquisition took place… Read More »

Project PowerHack Completed!

I have completed Project PowerHack! My new desktop is running quite smoothly and its performance is quite surprising considering its age. Below are some pictures of the build. The build process took quite a long time. I had a very busy schedule and this build required more time for the cutting of the back and… Read More »

Computers and More Mod – Version 1.5.1 Released

Version 1.5.1 (Service Release 2) is now available. This update contains solely compatibility fixes and bug fixes. Below is a change log. Resized sprite.png to improve compatibility Updated materials.txt to reflect new sprite file Resolved compatibility issue with Recycling by murgh Resolved an issue where the Computer Classroom was recognized as a workplace Resolved an… Read More »

Computers and More Mod – Version 1.5 Released

Hello all, the next update of CAMM is here! Here is some info regarding version 1.5. New Contraband Lots of new contraband has been added to the computer lab. While this contraband may not help prisoners escape, it still needs to be dealt with! Make sure your computer labs have proper security measures! New Feedback… Read More »

Project PowerHack Parts Acquired Ahead of Schedule

The core parts needed to complete Project PowerHack were acquired ahead of schedule on May 16th. Furthermore, the remaining needed parts to complete the project such as the motherboard tray were ordered. This puts my project far ahead of schedule. Hopefully the remaining parts arrive in a decent amount of time in order to complete the project… Read More »