American Traffic Props – Version 1

By | September 5, 2015

I’m proud to release today the first version of the American Traffic Props for LEGO Worlds. This pack contains many props including traffic lights, crosswalks, intersections, and more! These props are in the LXFML format and should be installed in the same way as other models. If you are new to adding LDD models to LEGO Worlds, please read this thread for instructions: More information on all the props included as well as download links are below the screenshots.




Version 1 of this pack contains 22 props:

  • 2 Lane Roadways (Pictured above, in both city and residential variants) (Comes in solid line, dashed line, and single-direction passing line road marking variants)
  • 2-Lane Crosswalk (In both city and residential variants)
  • 2-Lane Raised Crosswalk (Residential variant only)
  • 2-Lane Curved Roadway (90° turn, in both city and residential variants)
  • 2-Lane Roadways with Driveways (Driveways on both sides of the roadway, 4 designs included, residential variants only) (City variants and other road markings coming in a future update)
  • Speed Bump (2-lane, residential variant only)
  • 4-way intersection (2-lane, in both city and residential variants)
  • 4-way Intersection with Crosswalk (2-lane, city variant only)
  • Street Lamp
  • Single-Lane Traffic Light (Design to be updated once LEGO Worlds supports more pieces)


Stay tuned for information on Update 1 in the next few weeks. Have any suggestions or issues? Leave a comment!

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