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C89.5 FM (KNHC) Windows 10 / Windows Phone App

This project was officially suspended as of May 15th, 2016. A similar project already in development was discovered while requesting permission to use the C89.5 logo. This project will be reevaluated for possible continuation in late June 2016. UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2016: There are still no plans to resume this project. The similar project has yet… Read More »

Computers and More Mod

  Bring the power of electronics to your prison! They can help satisfy a prisoners need for family (chatting via internet) and recreation (computer games). This mod should be compatible with most if not all mods. If you find a compatibility issue or another mod that adds similar content, let me know so I can… Read More »


The RTPFailsafe project has been suspended until further notice due to unforeseen circumstances as well as lack of time to work on the project.  We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. RTPFailsafe is a new setup engine currently being developed designed for RPG Maker VX Ace games. It installs RPG Maker VX Ace games… Read More »