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New domain and portfolio site!

As of February 1st, 2016, this blog has moved to If you are reading this, congratulations! You have successfully made it to the new site. Please update any of your bookmarks so that they point to the correct domain. Furthermore, I now have a professional portfolio site. That site is located at I… Read More »

New Server

Our website has migrated to a new server and domain. If you came here from, the new domain is now You may encounter some issues over the next couple days while final adjustments are made. Thank you for your patience during this migrations and sorry for any inconveniences caused.

The C.S. Media servers are moving!

On June 20th, the primary C.S. Media server will be moving to a new domain and server. After the change, the old domain will automatically redirect to the new server. The move will also include updates to our logo design and other various improvements. You may experience some service interruptions around this date while the… Read More »

Servers restored after two day outage

After two days of domain blockades, Microsoft finally released our domain Last Monday, Microsoft presented our domain provider with a federal court order and seized most of our domain providers domains. The goal of Microsoft was to stop malware distributing servers and the court order they had allowed the seizure of the domains belonging… Read More »

Legal Conflict Causing Server Outages

Currently large portions of C.S. Media owned servers are offline due to an issue with our domain provider. Microsoft seized most of our domain provider’s domains on Monday in an effort to reduce malware distributing servers. However, Microsoft has not handled this situation correctly resulting in a situation where domains that do not contain malware,… Read More »

Forums are officialy closed

As of April 1st, 2014, The C.S. Media Forums are closed indefinitely. We are saddened to have to close the forum, but it has been too difficult to maintain and the traffic was too low. We hope to use the space gained for better purposes. Enjoy the rest of your evening, The C.S. Media Team