Computers and More Mod


Bring the power of electronics to your prison! They can help satisfy a prisoners need for family (chatting via internet) and recreation (computer games). This mod should be compatible with most if not all mods. If you find a compatibility issue or another mod that adds similar content, let me know so I can make sure all conflicts are fixed!



What’s new in version 1.5.1 (Service Release 2): 

  • Resized sprite.png to improve compatibility
  • Updated materials.txt to reflect new sprite file
  • Resolved compatibility issue with Recycling by murgh
  • Resolved an issue where the Computer Classroom was recognized as a workplace
  • Resolved an issue where prisoners were not working in the File Room
  • Resolved an issue where research was not displayed properly on non-widescreen resolutions (thanks to Monkey for finding this bug and providing a solution)

If your prison has Documents, OldDocuments, or DocumentExports stuck in the corner of the map and your workman are unable to move them, then your prison save file needs editing. Please see the discussion on the Steam workshop page for instructions.