Computers and More Mod – Version 1.4.3 Released

Version 1.4.3 (Service Release 1) of CAMM is now available. This update contains the following changes: *Renamed Circuit Board to PCI Card *Removed Old Files *Updated thumbnail *Updated New Technologies grant to require Economy Computers instead of Standard Computers *Balanced document export income *Prepared mod for upcoming updates In other news, I need your feedback!… Read More »

American Traffic Props – Version 1

I’m proud to release today the first version of the American Traffic Props for LEGO Worlds. This pack contains many props including traffic lights, crosswalks, intersections, and more! These props are in the LXFML format and should be installed in the same way as other models. If you are new to adding LDD models to… Read More »

Sunday Special: Power Poles!

Good day all! Just got done with a 17 hour power outage today after a huge wind storm passed through the area. That being said, I got a bit bored and decided to mess around in LDD. I made some power poles for LEGO Worlds that come in both 2-line and 3-line variants. There are… Read More »

American Traffic Props Update: August 28th, 2015

Since it’s the end of the week, I would like to share some more screenshots of some of the new content coming soon. Model ripping has slowed down a bit as for the noesis script that Sluicer is working on will most likely be a better alternative for model ripping once the script supports textures… Read More »

Coming Soon: American Traffic Props for LEGO Worlds

Good evening from the smoke filled state of Washington, This weekend, I decided to take a break from model ripping to work on a new project, that project is to add American-style traffic props and road pieces to LEGO Worlds. I plan to add many things including freeway pieces, traffic control props, parking pieces, and… Read More »

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga and the GHG

If you have ever have attempted to mod LEGO: Star Wars The Complete Saga, you may have discovered that the games characters don’t have any texture files. Unfortunately, the textures were embedded in the GHG model files themselves. A quick look at the STORMTROOPER_PC.GHG file confirms these suspicions. Sure enough, after the 30 byte header… Read More »

Model Ripping Update: August 12th, 2015

Hello all, Since my last post four more models have been ripped. Much to my surprise, these models came in many more pieces than I expected. I was also surprised to find the toll that ripping has already taken on my hard drive, despite the low number of characters that have been ripped, my folder… Read More »

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Model Ripping

The following post is from my other blog on Rock Raiders United, expect more posts like this.  Welcome to my new blog! If you haven’t read the description of my blog, I will be posting stuff about mods I am working on as well as other things like reverse engineering, LEGO Worlds, etc. Currently, as… Read More »

Coming Soon to C.S. Media: Computers and More Mod!

Yes you heard right, the popular Prison Architect mod is coming right here to this server! The mod was made by some of the members of our team and with upcoming future updates the time has come to expand. Our server will provide a “central hub” for the mod by providing access to many things… Read More »