Computers and More Mod – Version 1.5 Released

Computers and More Mod – Version 1.5 Released

Hello all, the next update of CAMM is here! Here is some info regarding version 1.5.

New Contraband


Lots of new contraband has been added to the computer lab. While this contraband may not help prisoners escape, it still needs to be dealt with! Make sure your computer labs have proper security measures!

New Feedback Hub

CAMM now has a new feedback hub where all the forms can be accessed. If you would like to request features, report bugs, or even help make CAMM, you can now access all the forms at Also thank you for all your responses to our expansions concept feedback form! If you haven’t yet filled it out, you have until June 15th at 11:59 PM to do so! We will be sharing the results of that shortly after it ends.

What’s Next?

The next step for CAMM is to release a second service update to address maniny compatibility issues and bug fixes (if there are any bugs). After that I am not quite sure, I may go with adding servers next since that was one of the early planned features.

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