PowerMac G5 Hackintosh Project Slated to Start May 23rd

PowerMac G5 Hackintosh Project Slated to Start May 23rd

Hello all,

On May 23rd (or perhaps earlier), I will start gathering parts and assembling a new (well used parts) computer. This is quite exciting for me since the last time I had a desktop computer was in 2011 and that was an old 1998 Compaq Presario.  Ever since then, I’ve been living off laptops and my families upgraded DELL Inspiron E310. Under my desk, I’ve had a broken PowerMac G5 that I acquired a couple years back and now I have the opportunity to gut the case and build a hackintosh setup inside it. The design process for this project started in late February and now it’s time to execute the plan. This computer will be the most powerful computer I’ve ever possessed and I will only have to pay for the parts to modify the case as well as a heat sink and a power supply as for my robotics team is rebuilding their Intel computer that was used for CAD and I am going to use the old parts from it. For information on things like the build specs and the software configuration, please see the Project PowerHack page.

The project is slated to start on May 23rd but could start as early as May 16th. Stay tuned for more updates!

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