State of the Desk – Q4 2016 and some news

State of the Desk – Q4 2016 and some news

Hello all,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here so I though I would give some updates on the state of Project PowerHack and its surrounding desk. Many changes have occurred since the initial construction of Porject PowerHack and many more are to come!

During the construction of Project PowerHack, an acquisition took place that was not shown in the build pictures. A HP ProLiant DL360 G3 from around 2003 now sits beside the desktop, it’s quite noisy so I don’t use it too often but it definitely has been helpful with some experiments. The system currently runs Windows Server 2003. One little fun fact about the server is that it appears to have been owned by Amazon at one point during its lifetime.

Some additional expansions and repairs to Project PowerHack occurred in the months following its constructions. Six additonal USB 2.0 ports were added to the back of the machine using the internal USB connectors. This brings the total number of (functioning) USB ports to 14 (2x USB 3.0, 12x USB 2.0). An ATSC TV tuner card was also added to the system and the DVD drive which was not functioning properly was replaced. The two 160 GB hard drives that were mentioned in the build post were also added to the system.






During the months of August and September, a sub-project of Project PowerHack, which was known as Project Refresh 2016, took place. This network restructure and upgrade project added Wi-Fi to PowerHack and the existing DELL 15″ monitor was upgraded to a 720p Westinghouse monitor as part of a equipment decommissioning project at a different site. Additionally, a custom-built Pentium 4 desktop was acquired. It was re-imaged and sent off to a friends home where it is now in service. The audio system on my desk was rewired and a KVM was added. Additionally, the surge suppression system was upgraded.

With the state of the desk out of the way, let’s get to some news:

The next sub-project for PowerHack is Project Toughbox 2017. This project began ahead of schedule last week when drive 3 (one of the 160 GB HDDs) failed. It has since been replaced with a 2 TB drive. Project ToughBox will bring much needed safety and stability upgrades to the system such as a better drive mounting solution and the replacement of the front panel wiring with a safer alternative.

The next version of the Computers and More Mod is slated to be released by the end of December 2016. Version 1.5.2 will bring some enhancements and fixes such as animated sprites.

A new project has begun called OpenSWGB. This project aims to recreate the engine of Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds in an open-source form. More information on this project will be provided soon.

Work on the American Traffic Props for LEGO Worlds project has been suspended until December 2016. In December, I will review the state of the project and of LEGO Worlds itself to determine a course of action.

I also am considering developing an OS utilizing the COSMOS OS tools. More information on that will be released as it becomes available.

That’s all for now!

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